Blocking Experiment

Does the $5/month BioNomial fitness app increase fitness more than its free competitor?

The company behind the BioNomial app has hired you to do an experiment to show that their app increases fitness more than their free competitor. You are concerned that various other factors, such as age, gender, amount of working out already done by users of the app, and simply competitive nature (competitive people will work harder during the experiment) may drown out results. Use the buttons on the side to simulate various versions of the experiment and see what happens in different designs.


One set of volunteers has been randomly generated for you, and a completely randomized design has been simulated. Click 'Randomize treatments and run experiment' to re-assign volunteers randomly and run again, changing blocking choices if you want. (Remember - in the real world you would only get one shot!). You can also click 'Generate Sample' to get an entirely new group of volunteers.


You can choose to block by ZERO, ONE or TWO factors - age range, gender, competitive nature, and/or prior workout level. The volunteers will be broken into groups based on your choices THEN assigned treatments.
The button below will generate a new random group of 200 'volunteers'.
If selected, will color data with a statistically significant difference (t-test for diff in μ, p < 0.05) green

Volunteers and Treatments

Click on rows to select them and highlight their points
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